Better Matching the Capacity of Farm
Equipment to the Demands of Farm Land


Zack James


Growing up in rural Cedar Lake, Indiana, Zack’s exposure to business and the farming industry began at a young age. After founding numerous start-ups while receiving his Finance degree from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Zack then attended the University of Michigan Law School, where he focused on corporate governance and securities.

David Miklosi

Strategic Advisor

David Miklosi is a successful entrepreneur with experience in high technology products. For nearly 30 years David has been involved in emerging technologies, starting with the launch of seven of the first modern electric vehicle fleets to customers then with the transition of a Stirling-cycle (heat) engine from R&D to commercialization. Understanding all aspects of building a company from zero through the successful exit, David has been responsible for Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Program Management, Operations and all corporate functions. He was President and CEO for the past 6 years.



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